Humans Key in Protecting Data

The way employees behave, in terms of security, is greatly influenced by an employee’s personal perception of risk. At the same time, organizations’ goals, culture and technologies change continually. That’s why security knowledge and skills need to evolve constantly as the threat landscape changes.

An enterprise’s objective should be to build a security culture that employees will actually engage with — empowering them in a way where the human element is actually the strongest link and where employees represent value to the company, rather than risk.

The white paper “Humans Key in Protecting Data” examines the challenges of incorporating the human factor in the battle against cybercrime.

Security Awareness Approaches

Those enterprises that want to establish a robust security culture in the company and firmly root risk awareness in the minds of their employees need to review their corporate culture. It contributes to employees’ higher level of identification with the company — and its values — and results in a higher level of loyalty.

To involve employees, you need to address them at an emotional level to subsequently develop skills. You also need to educate and train them based on their preferred type of learning, according to their personal learning style and level of knowledge.

An awareness campaign can be tailored to relevant employee groups to strengthen the employee identification with your company´s goals and success. This paper details the objectives every awareness campaign should consider:

  • Positive attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Measurement
  • Sustainability

Learn more about the importance of the human factor in enterprise security. Read the full paper, „Humans Key in Protecting Data.“

Source: DXC

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