Humans Key in Protecting Data

The way employees behave, in terms of security, is greatly influenced by an employee’s personal perception of risk. At the same time, organizations’ goals, culture and technologies change continually. That’s why security knowledge and skills need to evolve constantly as the threat landscape changes. An enterprise’s objective should be to build a security culture that […]

eco Verband: Tipps für interkulturelle IT-Security

Menschliches Verhalten kann an Firmenstandorten im In- und Ausland die IT-Sicherheit gefährden. Um mögliche Risiken zu entschärfen gilt es, überall ein hohes Bewusstsein für die Cybergefahren zu schaffen: Mitarbeiter sollten möglichst nirgendwo Anhänge in Mails unbekannter Absender öffnen oder sich per Social Engineering sensible Daten entlocken lassen. „Um die Mitarbeiter im Ausland zu sensibilisieren, kann […]

Styling Security Awareness for Maximum Effect

The role of employees in information security cannot be overstated – after all, technology alone cannot protect your systems without their involvement. In fact, your workforce is your greatest single asset in the battle against increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats. And what’s equally true is that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to the style of […]

Measure Culture to Measure Security Success

We’re all familiar with the old adage that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, and that applies equally to information security. Before you even begin to establish an effective security culture through awareness, you have to know where you’re starting from, so that you can prioritise actions and track progress. But how exactly […]

Security: Are You Speaking the Right Language?

Protecting an organisation against cybercrime is at the top of the list for most executives. A positive security culture which effectively “co-opts” every employee onto the front line is a formidable weapon in the battle against the rising tide of security threats. Yet, making every individual aware of their contribution and fostering partnership in a way that […]

Security and the Power of the Human Dimension

It’s often said that technology is only part of the answer to securing increasingly complex information systems. The other crucial element is people. And organisations that actively engage employees in security awareness and the social interaction of technology also tend to have the best IT security. In fact, you ignore the impact of the human factor […]