How Design Thinking Can Change Cybersecurity

Design thinking has emerged as a new area in cybersecurity. Chief information security officers (CISOs), in particular, need to know how to apply design thinking to deliver more user-focused security solutions in their organization.

What Is ‚Design Thinking‘ Anyway?

While design thinking can produce creative solutions, it is not primarily about being creative in an artistic sense. It’s not about making great visuals for a product’s graphical user interface (GUI). It’s not even about unlocking creativity to come up with a totally out-of-this-world solution.

Instead, at its heart, design thinking means one thing — breaking down a designer’s approach to building a solution and then applying that approach to fields we traditionally don’t consider “design” or even “creative.” Specifically, design thinking places humans — not technology — at the center of both a problem and that problem’s potential solutions.

For cybersecurity, we can break design thinking into three principles:

  1. Begin with empathy for the end user.
  2. Focus on the solution, not the problem.
  3. Iterate.


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Author: Rajat Mohanty / Source: Forbes Technology Council 

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