Successful Security? Stop Blaming Users

Experts Offer Insights on Gaining Information Security Buy-In To encourage individuals to improve their security practices, begin by not blaming them. That was one takeaway that Angela Sasse, a professor of human-centered technology at University College London, offered at the Infosecurity Europe conference. Sasse is also the director of the U.K. Research Institute for Science of […]

Awareness is only the first step

The lack of reliable indicators means senior management does not know if recommended security behavior is actually followed in practice. In today’s modern organizations, employee attention and efforts are consumed with constant messages that take time and attention away from primary productive activity. Since current CET often recommends behaviors that conflict with productive tasks, it […]

Styling Security Awareness for Maximum Effect

The role of employees in information security cannot be overstated – after all, technology alone cannot protect your systems without their involvement. In fact, your workforce is your greatest single asset in the battle against increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats. And what’s equally true is that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to the style of […]