Marcus Beyer

Marcus is based in Switzerland and has more than 14 years experience of information security. As coach and consultant he has supported companies in internal and external communication with a focus on tailoremade enterprise information security awareness campaigns. His education in humanitarian sciences combined with his longtime experience in IT and information security qualifies him to control and develop processes positively and purposefully. His orientation is always towards a sustainable communication in the interaction with people. Marcus advises and assists companies in the implementation of security or BCM awareness campaigns and supports IT departments in projects and in communication in change processes within the company. He is the intermediary, translator, communicator, coach or mediator between worlds with an „external“ view of the action and the processes of companies or organizations. As a „social media enthusiast“ he is a very active user of new tools and communication channels – always with an eye on risk aspects and the company’s reputation.

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Spannende Referate, kompetente Art und gute Rhetorik. Gerne und hoffe wiedermal auf der Bühne einer meiner Konferenzen.

Markus Good, CEO at SAVE AG

Marcus Beyer – personifizierter, professioneller Enthusiasmus und Rhetoriktalent. Ich habe selten jemanden erlebt, der komplexe Inhalte so erfolgreich verarbeiten und vermitteln kann, wie Marcus. Wir haben diverse gemeinsame Workshop und Projekte zusammen bearbeitet, die Zusammenarbeit war stets zielgerichtet, kreativ und erfolgsträchtig. Die Projekte rangierten von Schulungen für klein- und mittelständische Unternehmen bis hin zu Awareness-Kampagnen für Multinationale Konzerne. Es stellt für Marcus kein Problem dar, spezifisch auf die Anforderungen von Kunden einzugehen – egal welche Größe ein Unternehmen hat. Marcus bringt Enthusiasmus mit, welcher sich leicht auf Kollegen und Kunden überträgt. Er betrachtet Probleme aus unkonventionellen Perspektiven und treibt selbstständig Lösungen voran, die sich anderen nicht erschließen würden.

Maximilian Heinemeyer, Director of Threat Hunting at Darktrace

Marcus advised me in design and setup of our awareness campaign. He is a passionated security leader, it was him to add the special touch to our activities. He has ideas that we from our corporate prospective would never think of, I appreciate his input – it makes the difference in the end, to have an extraordinary result. I experienced Marcus as a competent and cosmopolitan counterpart, it was a pleasure getting things done with him.

Rene Christian Gehlen, Head IT-Security and Risk at Stadt Zürich, Organisation und Informatik

Passionate, competent and energetic are the words that come to mind when describing Marcus, enjoy working with him on BCM and related topics.

Guy Stone, Corporate Business Continuity and Emergency Management Manager at Novartis

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Marcus. I had the pleasure of working with Marcus for more than 5 years at IWC, on our security awareness campaign. Marcus ability to create security awareness campaigns like TOPSECURE was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic and necassary change in our company. Furthermore we have won 3 awards for our campaign what speaks for itself. Thanks for the great work.

Sascha Maier, Head of IT & Cyber Resiliance at IWC Schaffhausen

Awareness is a trojan unicorn? Right!